By Paul Nizan

ISBN-10: 0853453098

ISBN-13: 9780853453093


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To emigrate, gotthemosi 1 lthinkleremy's heavybag. 2 Th;sexercise;s bit morediffirxh thanthe lastone, 3 Hewas bad hurt ln the accident4 I'rnsorry| arrivedso lately;I missedthe busis mostexpensive 5 TheMayback carBIVIW hasevermade. 6 TheysaySevilleis alwayshoter thanMadrid. 7 Thjsnovelisn'tas interesting thanhisprevious one. 8 Mobilephonesarequitelot cheaperthan theyusedto be. Antonlo lives more far fromthe 9 s c h o o l t h al d no. 10 l'm not as taller as my sister, 11 5hespeaksltal;anverygood.

She'sa hotelreceptionist. Woman: Doyou knowhowold sheis? Man: She'stwenty-one. Woman: Canyou tellmeis sheBritish? She'sAustralian. Woman: Howlongshehaslivedhere? Man: Aboutsixmonths. Woman: ld Uketo knowwhere didyou meet 20 Comparative & supertative adjectives and adveibs 7 her Man: Wohan: Man: We met at a party. Whydidyougo to Florida? Well,we wantedto seeMiamiandKey West. 29 Woman: Wouldyoutell me howlongdidyou stay in Florida? Man: We stayedthereforthree weeks. Vocabulary 6 Choosethe corect alternative.

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