By G. Hauke

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This booklet provides the rules of fluid mechanics and shipping phenomena in a concise method. it's compatible as an creation to the topic because it comprises many examples, proposed difficulties and a bankruptcy for self-evaluation.

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In the absence of diffusion, the cross-sectional width of the stain would remain constant. When the flow in the river is turbulent, the mixing rate is increased considerably due to stochastic convection mechanisms, and the stain widens at an even faster rate. 4 Streamlines, Trajectories and Streaklines Fluid fields can be visualized. There are three tools employed in the laboratory and in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to visualize a velocity field: streamlines, trajectories and streaklines. They are explained next.

B) The fundamental equation of fluid statics can also be derived from a balance of forces over an infinitesimal fluid cube and applying Taylor series expansions to relate the pressure at opposite sides of the cube. 8) where a is the acceleration of a relative reference system attached to the fluid, a = a0 origin acc. = ˙ × r + Ω × (Ω × r) + 2Ω × v + Ω angular acc. centripetal acc. ˙ × r + Ω × (Ω × r) a0 + Ω Coriolis acc. 9) The last step was given taking into account that the relative velocity v of the fluid particles with respect to the reference system is zero.

5 The ideal flow around a corner placed at the axis origin is given by ux uy = = ax −ay with a a constant. Determine the streamlines and draw the streamline that goes by the point (1, 1) indicating the flow direction for a > 0. Calculate the substantial derivative. 6 The velocity field in an irrotational vortex, like the ones present in cyclones, is given by ux uy = = −Ky/(x2 + y 2 ) Kx/(x2 + y 2 ) Determine the streamlines and draw a few of them. 7 Check if the velocity field of the above exercise can be expressed in polar coordinates as ur = 0 uθ = K/r and calculate the streamlines in polar coordinates.

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