By G. K. Batchelor

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First released in 1967, Professor Batchelor's vintage paintings remains to be one of many finest texts on fluid dynamics. His cautious presentation of the underlying theories of fluids remains to be well timed and appropriate, even at present of just about unlimited machine strength. This reissue guarantees new iteration of graduate scholars stories the splendor of Professor Batchelor's writing.

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41TGp. 7) It is also necessary, as found earlier, that the level-surfaces of 'Y, p and p coincide. 4] Mechanical equilibrium of a fluid 19 of p coincide with one set of parametric surfaces, we see that the kinds of solution are severely restricted. Rigorous enumeration of the solutions is difficult, but the only possibilities seem to be solutions in which p and p are functions only of (i) one co-ordinate of a rectilinear system, or (ii) the radial co-ordinate ofa cylindrical polar system, or (iii) the radial co-ordinate r of a spherical polar system, corresponding to symmetrical' stars' in one, two or three dimensions.

When the factor 'Y/( 'Y - I) is or order unity, as it is for gases and most liquids, a comparison of the two terms reduces essentially to a comparison of the increments in 'V that would be caused by the given increments in T and p acting separately. 6. Transport phenomena Equilibrium states of matter are characterized by a uniform spatial distribution of each of the various properties of the material, each element of the material then being in mechanical and thermal balance with neighbouring elements.

It is taken as a fact of experience that the state of a given mass of fluid in equilibrium (the word being used here and later to imply spatial as well as temporal uniformity) under the simplest possible conditions is specified uniquely by two parameters, which for convenience may be chosen as the specific volume f) (= 1/p, where p is the density) and the pressure p as defined above. All other quantities describing the state of the fluid are thus functions of these two parameters ofstate. One of the most important of these quantities is the temperature.

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