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S, Park E. S, Song B K. Enzymatic epoxidation and polymerization of cardanol obtained from a renewable resource and curing of epoxide-containing poly‐ cardanol. Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic. 2007; 45: 39 - 44. 004 [61] Bhunia H P, Jana R. , Lenka S, Nando G. B. Synthesis of polyurethane from cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL), a renewable re-source. 5772/61096 ence Part A: Polymer Chemistry. 1998; 36(3): 391 - 400. CO;2-V [62] Kim S. The reduction of formaldehyde and VOCs emission from wood-based floor‐ ing by green adhesive using cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL).

The Petroleum System From Source to Trap, vol. 60. Am. Ass. Pet. Geol. Memoir, pp. 261–283. M. , (1978) Light hydrocarbons in Recent Texas continental shelf and slope sediments. Journal of Geophysical Research vol. 83, 4053–4061. [30] Faber, E. , (1984) Geochemical surface exploration for hydrocarbons in the North Sea. Am. Ass. Pet. Geol. 363–386. , (1983) Genetic characterization of natural gases. Am. Ass. Pet. Geol. 67, 2225–2238. , (1986) Biogenic methane formation in marine and fresh water environments: CO2- reduction vs.

This study aimed to characterize the origin of natural gas and to determine whether it is biogenic, thermogenic or mixed processes which are consid‐ ered the dominant generation pathways. Regional geochemical studies were conducted on 20 test gas samples produced from the Miocene and Plio-Pleistocene reservoirs of Abu Qir, N. Abu Qir, Temsah, Wakkar and Port Fouad fields represent‐ ing the western and the eastern Nile Delta province. 37%) with minor contribution from ethane and propane. 3 ‰ PDB displaying a strong indication for gas mixing of thermogenic and early microbial methane.

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