By Dragutin T. Mihailovic

ISBN-10: 9814291994

ISBN-13: 9789814291996

Environmental fluid mechanics (EFM) is the clinical examine of shipping, dispersion and transformation methods in normal fluid flows on our planet Earth, from the microscale to the planetary scale. This publication brings jointly scientists and engineers operating in examine associations, universities and academia, who interact within the research of theoretical, modeling, measuring and software program features in environmental fluid mechanics. It presents a discussion board for the individuals, and exchanges new rules and services during the shows of up to date and up to date total achievements during this box.

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Dimas and Gerasimos A. Kolokythas 127 Calculation of Aggregated Albedo in Rectangular Solid Geometry on Environmental Interfaces Darko Kapor, Ana Cirisan and Dragutin T. Mihailovic 145 xxxi xxxii Advances in Environmental Fluid Mechanics Part Two — Applicative, Software and Experimental Issues 165 Locating a Possible Source of Air Pollution Using a Combination of Measurements and Inverse Modeling Borivoj Rajković, Mirjam Vujadinović and Zoran Gršić 167 Long-Term Measurements of Energy Budget and Trace Gas Fluxes Between the Atmosphere and Different Types of Ecosystems in Hungary Tamás Weidinger, László Horváth, Zoltán Nagy and András Zénó Gyöngyösi 185 Integration of Spatio-Temporal Data for Fluid Modeling in the GIS Environment Lubos Matejicek 209 Modeling Pathogen Intrusion on Safe Drinking Water: CFD versus Physical Models P.

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