By Ehud Ben Zvi

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Famous historical-critical pupil Ehud Ben Zvi analyzes each verse of the ebook of Zephaniah, reconstructing the historic context of its composition, picking its authorship, and contemplating how its unique viewers may have interpreted its message.

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The arguments brought on behalf of the idea that he prophesied before thereformationare basically: (a) The king is not mentioned in Zeph 1:4-9, and especially in v. , Josiah was a minor (cf. 2 Kgs 22: l). 75 (c) The harsh words of Zephaniah make sense if they were addressed to such a syncretistic community. If this picture is correct, then the message of Zephaniah may have prepared the ground for the reform. 76 If that is the case, then Zephaniah's message reflects the ideas of the group that welcomed and advanced the deuteronomic reform in Josiah's days.

Vol. 1, Des origines à Clément d'Alexandrie et Tertullian. Vol. 2, Le troisième siècle (Origene excepté) (Paris: Editions du Centre national de la recherche scientifique, 1975). 2 5 This number of references to Zephaniah is in sharp contrast with the 183 references to Zechariah in the same corpus, the 140 to Hosea, 114 to Malachi, 85 to Amos, 76 to Jonah, 70 to Joel, 60 to Micah, 52 to Habakkuk. On the other hand there are only 16 references to Haggai, 11 to Nahum and 3 to Obadiah. Obviously, the length of the book may have been a factor in the number of quotations or references to each of the prophetic books mentioned above.

33 Luther: 319 28 Zephaniah through the Ages' Mirror moreover, the Bibliotheca disputationum theologico-philologico exegeticarum inV & Ν Testamentum (published in Hamburg in 1736), an index of main biblical studies written during the fifteenth century and the first third of the sixteenth century, contains only fifteen entries for Zephaniah, the second lowest number for one of The Twelve. 37 Furthermore, some scholars tend to give low value to Zephaniah, and to the Book of Zephaniah. For instance, according to J.

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